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Epic night last night: Retold via g-chat transmission with Beth Burnside:

" WELL...

I hosted a band from Austin - Jessie Torrisi and the Please Please Me last night

met up with them @ Reggie's Rock Club on the south side - directly across the street from the other Marina City

..........yeah, place was very cool - although felt like a wings joint, and I think it kinda was, b/c I saw a lot of buffalo wings

but the 1st band was cool - kinda sounded like mighty might boss tones or real big phish, but w/o a brass section

if that even makes sense

they played - a very subdued set; she calls her style "speak-easy pop"; which is 100% appropriate

they all hopped around on different instruments passed kazoos out into the crowd

Katie and I headed back up north, she went to bed

they came up around midnight

straight to shots of tequila, then to Simon's for some out and out

then back to the apt, and it was a perfect night for a bonfire

so started that up after closing the bars down

jammed / talked 'til 4. Tellin' me touring stories and what a great time they were having; and they said everyone they've met along the way so far have been just amazing people

and they were super nice, polite, appreciative; totally normal really cool peeps - as in we'd be good friends if they actually lived in Chicago I feel like

have to admit; I was star-struck / completely envious of their transient lifestyle...."

These guys rocked. Thanks again for an unforgettable evening (though the alcohol tried!). Hopefully I'll see your couch if I ever roll through Austin :)


Lions and Lanterns had a FANTASTIC show this weekend. For the specifics on that, visit the L&L site. There was quite a bit of work involved prior to showtime, and I made a 5-stop errand run on the bike before coming back to the apartment for some housekeeping duties. It was a mad rush to burn 50 CDs, make 4 lyrics booklets, play Settlers of Catan, and get ready for the show.

We got a late start (as these things typically happen), but once the show was rolling, there was no stopping it. A bunch of great people came out, and I spent entirely too much money on drinks. We had 76 pay at the door for us. Not bad for the 1st show, eh? Freakin' awesome is more like it!

We finally got out of the place around 2a and headed back up to our apartment in Andersonville for the after party. I think I brought out the Tequila shot tray cerca 4a, and the sun was definitely peaking up by the time I finally kicked everyone out around 6:30a. We enjoyed many a compliment and a few critiques, and overall we were really happy with our performance, the crowd, the other bands, the bar - pretty much an epic night all around.

The next morn, Randy (drummer for L&L) awoke and decided to hit the bike path. It could've possibly been the best day of the summer yesterday. The white sails against the blue of sky and water, over the vista of green and concrete at the Belmont Harbor entrance...the stuff dreams are made of. Everyone and they're brother's dog was out enjoying their boats before the winter rushes to kill us. At Navy Pier, we turned west and had a stop for some deliciously refreshing Argo Tea, then got our fair share of city riding all the way back up Clark. Of course we gave a nod to the Underground Lounge as we rolled through Wrigleyville. I rounded out the evening with a delightful meal with my family, and slept like a babe last night. What a great weekend.

Fall is here - it must be recording time! Dollar Store Xylophone, which made a brief appearance during Zach's UL show, is already one track in and looking to complete another tonight. We're on a 1 day a week schedule, and we'd love to have something ready to handout by the time of our next show. In other news, L&L is FINALLY getting the recording wagon train rolling again! We have all the drums tracks and I'm set to head into the studio tomorrow. I'm still toying with the idea of a solo album #2 before heading out next year, but I don't have the patience to record with the Fostex anymore. I might have to pony up the cash for a way to record straight into the comp. But seeing as I'm tied up as it is, maybe I'll wait 'til it gets a wee bit colder.


"The summer came and left me wonderin'"

Some sample lyrics from Lions & Lanterns' very own Brian Mitterer. We're in the heat of recording now, and with all the drum tracks complete, we're looking to tackle guitars, bass, and keys this upcoming weekend. We'll see how she goes. Cliff and Randy were able to get through everything in 2 marathon 10 hr sessions, and we're hoping to accomplish a similar feat.

In addition to recording, we're gearing up for live shows. A new layout in the practice space should help us accomplish a more realistic stage setup. We've also thrown in a few new covers to spice up the set, including some Petty and one of my all-time favs 'Son of a Preacher Man'. I'll let Megan sing this one, but I secretly wanna belt it out every time I hear it.

Speaking of, I recently listened to that song while bounding down a dirt track in a Jeep in TN. We just returned from an amazing week there, filled with rest, relaxation, drinking, gaming, boating, cliff jumping, tubing, skiing, caving...the list goes on. Ben Cober graciously hosted myself and a few friends at his parents' beautiful retirement home built on the hills overlooking Norris Lake. That's right - Chuck Norris took a leak and created a huge lake in the hills of TN. Or it was created by the TVA (think 'O Brother Where Art Thou").

Dollar Store Xylophone, after a series of emails, played a short n' sweet set at The Elbo Room last month. The audience was nice enough to stay for the entire set, which didn't start until 11:15p on a Wed night. The next move for DSX is recording, which we'll be doing at home with Zach's Laptop. We've got some good tunes to get on there, and I'm excited to play with FX.

On the lone Greg Reed side of things, I've been itching to do another batch of recordings. I'm looking at putting together a bunch of older tunes (and some newer ones) that people have been asking to have a recording of and that I just wanna get down on plastic (or mp3 as the kids love these days). Lookout for 'Light Bulb Laser Beam' to hit the digital shelves this fall. I'll be doing this one at home with my own stuff, and it should sound something akin to the "Bow On" recording I made a month back. We'll see how this stacks up to Folklore Troubadour.


It's always hard to head back to the office after a fantastic weekend such as this past one. On Friday, the group now known as 'Lions and Lanterns' met at my apartment with the sole purpose of naming ourselves. Although we had a lot fun, drank much beer, and played a great game of Settlers of Catan (my 3rd night in a row), we did NOT accomplish our goal.

Although not music related, Sat consisted of going to a Cubs game (they lost) with siiick free tickets that Katie scored from work. 4 seats right at 1st base. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but we were 9 rows from 1st base. And I don't care who you are - Wrigley is the quintessential American ballpark.

We finally came to name consensus after a very productive and successful Sunday practice. The words are simple, plain English, and actually pertain to what we sing about. Sounds pretty good to me! Plus there's a plethora of imagery to pull from, so design work should be a little easier.

In other news, Dollarstore Xylophone (duet project w/ Zach Bonnan aka Shovelfoot) will be having its first performance at the Underground Lounge on May 5th. Should be a short n' sweet little Wed night set. We'll see how much new material we're able to get down before showtime, especially now that he's got xbox 360 and hockey. In a word: addictive.


After a long absence, I'm ready to return to the Chicago scene with full force. The last show I played was at Mahoney's with Certain Company, and that was indeed the public show for the group. Which is kind of a shame, considering we had just completed our first full album and it sounds pretty good.

The group I'm with now (STILL to be named) is gearing up to do a full album recording of our own. We're set to do this thing around the 2nd week of May. The music is great, the parts are all assembled, and after much discussion we're finally ready to get it on plastic. Our first show should come sometime in May, and we've been itching to perform for a few months now.

Zach, THE Shovelfoot of Certain Company fame, and I are set to embark on an epic quest in music, space, and time. We're heading up to the Peshtigo river in WI for a weekend of song creation. Starting from scratch, we will be writing a complete album's worth of tunes. We will bring these nuggets back to Andersonville and hone them into well-crafted pieces of awesome. We live too close to not be working on a performance together. Once completed, Dollar Store Xylophone will hit Chicago's open-mic and underground with vigor. We leave at 6am on Friday, and I haven't been this excited about waking up early since...well it's been a while.

A few weeks back I joined the Ravenswood Community Orchestra. Although it's been a complete wake-up call, I have to say I'm impressed that I can still read music and keep up with the other violins. Until we started playing Wagner. Holy shit that dude has some crazy ideas. Either this will hone me into a much better violinist, or I'll fall flat on my face. After a few rehearsals, it's clear I'm going to need some solo time to iron things out. But the rest of the group is fantastic, especially the brass and woodwinds. And they still need more violins...when does THAT ever happen?

In other news, I think it's time I begin getting my second solo album assembled. It's been a year and a half since 'Folklore Troubadour' was released, so by this fall I'd like to have another. I can't decide if I want to have it be all new material, a collection of old things, or a fine mix of both (most likely the latter). If I could get an album together every 2 years, that would be an excellent achievement. I'll get started working on that shortly.

Time to get personal: Everything else in life is moving along swimmingly. A welcome change from my disposition at the beginning of the year, when in Feb I hit a quarter-life crisis pretty hard. But now I'm happy to report that things are looking up. Katie (the GF) and I are training for a triathlon sprint taking place in Champaign later on this month. I've been running, biking to work (18.2 mi / day), and lifting at home. I feel much better, and finally losing some spare flab I've been growing since college.

We've also made a plan to live in New Zealand next year. That's right, finally living in a foreign country. We'll have to save about 4 grand to do it, but we're pinching pennies and picking up spare work. Who knows, maybe people will wanna buy music out there?! I've decided to stick with the job, because as Katie says, "you can do ANYTHING for a year." We'll see about that.


I can't believe we STILL don't have a name for our new group yet! It's seems as though I've been pretty quiet on the interwebs since last fall, which is true. There hasn't been a lot to report publicly. I'm calling the new group 'Victims of the Overhype' at the moment because 1) I like the name 2) because it feels most fitting. The group has been in the 'R&D' phase since July '09 now, and we can't even play a show yet. Not that we haven't been working hard! (We practice ~ 4 + hrs a week!) The songs are pretty complex, with multiple parts and harmonies, and 1/2 of our group has never done this sort of thing before. I would love to say we're going to begin recording the first album in March, but that's incredibly optimistic at this point. The good news is we have 12 songs that we have actually played through. However, as Paul Simon said, "It's a long road to Canaan."

The most surprising turn of events recently is the Certain Company comback of 2010! Tess Riley, dear friend and younger sister to Chloe Riley, has invited us to play at her Graduation Party. To my shock and surprise, all members have agreed to come out of retirement! It's a private party, so unfortunately we can't have everyone there, but perhaps this will open the door for future shows?

On the solo front, there's not much to report really. I haven't really been focusing on solo material. Turns out I really like playing with other people more! It amazing what a regular rehearsal time does for keeping a group together. This was the #1 downfall of the Co. People's schedules were just too out of whack to make it work. It was exhausting and in the end didn't feel it was worth the effort. But if we do this "let's do a show when the time is right" kinda thing, I'd be all for it.


To bring it up to speed: I'm only involved with one group at the moment, and we have yet to get ourselves a name. Great music and it's coming together. A few more months and I think we'll be ready to record.

Speaking of recordings - Certain Company released a CD! You can buy it online here for $1.75. There's some great stuff on there in my opinion, and some not so great stuff too. Overall a solid collection of everything the group was about.


Just joined a new group - The Rockweilers! 1st show in Wrigleyville on the 28th. Check it out, gonna rock with 2 Randys, 2 Gregs, and 1 Gilmo.


This is just plain funny:


Two weekends ago I was so burned out that I believe I might have said something like "I'm never playing music again!" Of course that's not true. I'm not sure what's going on exactly with all the groups I'm currently involved with. A quick breakdown:

- Certain Company has tentatively booked their LP release for Aug 20th. For a while I thought this would be the group's final performance, but after much consideration and conversation I've decided to keep it going in some form or another. Perhaps we'll just recruit a new bass player (my brother-in-law Mark); or we'll take it in a new direction entirely. Much to be discussed.

- The Pale Figures: What's going on with this group? Don't ask me. We haven't had a rehearsal for 2 weeks and Aaron and Gerry seem to think that my good buddy Randy isn't a worthy drummer. At the moment I'm not expecting anything from this group

- Brain's Group: Brian Mitterer is a great singer-songwriter and he's finally ready to put a group together! Awesome! However I'm a little involved at the moment, but I really do like the focus on writing great songs. We're taking it nice and slow.

- Michael Riser: VERY preliminary, but I'm auditioning for this group in August and they're supposed to be heading out on tour in fall. He's really looking for a keys/guitar/backup vox guy, but he might be needing violin as well. We'll see what's up.

- Solo: After playing out and around a bit, I've come to realize actually playing music with other people is much more rewarding than playing alone. It's just everything else that super-sucks, and by this I mean the logistics. #1 scheduling - it's ruined my life many a time. My ideal would be a rock trio. Zach from CC has eluded to not wanting to continue if we have to "train" another bassist. If he ducks out then I'm thinking the best would be to keep the name but change it to a trio and potentially swap drummers. I love Alex - he's a phenomenal musician and great guy, but again his schedule causes me to contemplate suicide. For the sake of my sanity and my life I think Randy will be a better fit for the situation. Breaking drummers' hearts seems to be a pastime of mine (sorry again Brent - but move to Chicago already dammit!)

611/2009: This is the 5th link in Google search. I'm now sleeping in fear. What if I'm his reincarnation?!


Just a question: when and why did music become a competition? It pretty much goes against everything it's supposed to be. I think America specifically and the world at large would be better off if everyone just accepted music in all its forms instead of pitting A against B. Everyone expresses their feelings differently, why do we have 'American Idol' and the 'Top 100 Vocalist of All Time.' The latter is a waste of your time (well they both are actually), seeing as Rolling Stone hails Bob Dylan as #7. Seriously, love the Dylan, singing is NOT his strong suit. He said so himself! (I hear a debate starting already:

My beef with American Idol isn't the wobbling renditions of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' - I'm sure Judy is glad she isn't alive for these - or the over-dramatic everything. What bugs me is that public hazing is not only acceptable, but extremely popular! Man our culture is f*#%ed up sometimes, seriously.

The show with Vault Apparel went really well last Thursday. Tons of good people, great beer, awesome performances - it was everything I wanted and more. The introduction they set up for me for the show taping was a little ridiculous, but what are ya gonna do with a show called 'Celebrity Rockstar Status.' I should've known what I was getting in to!

I'm slowly building a circuit of cafes to play at around the city. These include (but aren't limited to) Argo Tea, Awake Cafe, and Let Them Eat Chocolote. They've all invited me back so I suppose someone digs the music. Next I plan on playing at Uncommon Ground for an open mic at least or maybe more.


Has it really been a month since I wrote here last? How the time does fly!

If you've seen the shows page recently you've probably noticed the recent increase in activity. In addition to summer, I also have Craigslist to thank for this. Also Certain Company has been picking up activities for May and June, and I'm still pumped about playing with The Pale Figures again at Martyrs (if I could ever get to a practice!). In fact I have 8 obligations (5 musically related) to attend before Monday- crazy!

The next big show coming up is May 7th. This one's set up by Vault Apparel (Foster and Ravenswood) and it's being hosted at the Chicago Ale House. It's going to be a great show for several reasons:

1) 8 original singer/songwriters and everyone gets 8 songs. There were some 400 submissions for the event and its been whittled down to a just a few. From what I can tell they're all sounding really good, so I'm excited to hear their sounds.

2) It's an all-acoustic blues format. It always fascinates me how the simplest form of music can be interpreted in so many ways

3) Music and fashion -and these guys have some cool ass clothes. I went in for a "fashion consultation" and was not disappointed. (Sorry ladies, it's an all-male store)

4) Celebrity Rockstar Status is going to be filming that night! This show will be airing on ABC July 4th @ 1:40am. For real this time

5) I'll be playing with a djembe player and our bassist from Certain Company -tight!

The next 3 Tuesdays I'll be performing at the Strawdog Theater w/ Democracy Burlesque for their sketch comedy political show. Tons of satire infused with other cool performances (such as poetry). I'll be performing before and after the show with a small bit during intermission. These guys are pretty funny and worth checking out. I think tix are $15 for 1 and $20 / 2 people.


I've been reviewed by Chicago's Independent Music review. Overall I'm encouraged by words of promise for the future, but I think Jason there misinterpreted what the album was trying to be. Why does someone have to be in 1 genre? And ironically the lyrics that he chose to highlight as lackluster are my favorite (as I have told Zach on occasion). But at least I'm not trying to sound like Coldplay, Dylan, or Jason Mraz. Eh, everyone's a critic right? Read it here:



First up, I've been invited to join the group The Pale Figures. These guys are awesome. After jamming a little on Saturday, they've invited me to play a gig out in NYC on Sat March 28th. We might be doing shows in Memphis, LA, and Seattle too, but that's all TBA. I'm practicing with them tonight so I'll find out more. In the meantime check out their sound, very cool stuff.

Aaron Lindstrom is the frontman and main member of the group and both he and the band have some pretty impressive credentials. They recorded their album w/ Steve Albini (worked with Pixies, Nirvana, Cheap Trick...) in Chicago and with the former lead guitarist of the Jerry Lee Lewis band in Memphis. Their album, 'Memphis and Chicago', is getting radio play in Memphis and NYC. Lots of cool stuff going on for them, I just hope I can add fuel to the fire!

Second bit of news is related to a business opportunity. If I want to fork over $500, a show after Jimmy Kimmel Live will produce a commercial to be aired locally on ABC. I'm meeting with their marketing manager tomorrow to see the fine print. I'm not sure if it's something I'm going to take up or not, but could be very cool. At least I was selected - they had 30+ responses and I was in their top 4. The top pick has a chance to appear on the actual show for a few minutes. In short, MAD publicity. If it goes through, a film crew will be at my show at the Underground on Wed April 8th. Again, much to be determined.

I haven't broken the news to Certain Company yet, but we're hopefully practicing this weekend and we'll discuss it then. I plan on continuing with the Co. and things will remained unchanged. We don't even have any shows lined up at the moment, so I can't imagine that I won't be able to keep up.


So I was just contacted by the US Copyright Office. I thought for sure they were going to call me out on my shameless steal of Clapton's "Say you want a revolution?" part on ' Wake UP! ' . Turns out they were just confirming that I did want to copyright the songs and lyrics themselves, in addition to the entire recording. Yeah, that'd probably be a good thing. I really don't care about the money aspect, but getting the credit would be nice.

I know I'm behind the times but I discovered Andrew Bird recently and now tote him as my personal hero. He's a guitarist / violinist / singer / songwriter from Chicago. How could he not be?

Also The Pretenders new album sounds like it's pretty rockin', especially the title track "Break Up the Concrete." It's on the to-purchase list. As soon as I get paid again. Man I sound like an overplayed Everclear song. How DID those guys get famous? 1 riff, seriously. Meh thinking about it will only make me upset.

Things on the Certain Company front are not all well unfortunately. In addition to not playing shows, now we're not even in the process of recording. Billy's computer finally bit the dust on Sunday. Which wouldn't be a problem, except that it contains about 30 hrs of recording work. FOR 1 TRACK!!! I love the attention to detail, but that's a little excessive. Granted it does sounds pretty badass.


This weekend freakin' rocked. Literally. I pretty much fit in as much music as time allowed - with a little bit leftover for nerdiness and WoW. Friday's Certain Company show was awesome. Tons of people, great music, and we finally got it together and played a solid set. One of the best shows in recent memory easily - much improved from the fiasco that was Silvie's.

After the show we headed back up north to the pad where we continued to inbibe all things good n' silly. This inevitabley led to a jam session that continued until abotu 5 in the morning. I think the sun was seriously considering breaking over the horizon by the time I hit the hay.

On Saturday Brian M. called me over to his place to show off his new guitar / amp combo. Dylan goes electric : I've converted one! I'm so happy he took the adivce I gave in regards to amp type. He went with a brand-new Fender tube with Paul Reed Smith guitar. FANTASTIC tone. Dammit, now of course I want one. My oldie-but-goodie Crate just won't cut it pretty soon.

Sunday saw 9 more hours of MRA (music-related activity). I headed to Billy's to continue recording the Certain Company CD. The violin is going to sound great; the whole track (No One Knows) is going to sound great, but my lord is it going to take a long time to get this thing finished! After the session I booked it down to the loop where I performed w/ my electric at Argo Tea Cafe again. Love this place. Jake's a cool cat and three people returned to hear me play again - sweet! Free drinks ain't too shabby neither.

This weekend has 3 performances lined up, so I'll report back afterwards. Until then....

2/5/2009: is my new fav. It has lots of useful information, and even more useless information. My personal fav. In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a card I'm excited to give my significant other on the 14th:


It's been a while since the last news update. Lot's happening these days you know. First, the last 2 shows were both major successes. Thanks again to everyone that came out on Sat to Gorilla Tango. We packed the place, it was awesome! I also need to mention that Katie did a great job on lights and sound. If I can get people there I'd love to do it again.

I played at Argo Tea last night and it was one of my favorite shows in recent memory. For starters, Jake (manager) is a very cool dude and he made me feel welcome immediately. The ginger honey drink I had was AMAZING. A horse-kick of ginger in the face, so you can't argue with that. I was quite a bit louder than the woman who performed before me, and I was able to attract a few listeners. I tried to play all the covers they knew, and of course I played a bunch of originals too. I gave out a few CDs and got some very positive feedback, so that was very cool! Jake said he'll also submit my CD to the Argo Tea radio station. Can't wait to play there again, it was awesome.

Katie and I are finally moved in! After an exhausting weekend we've finally got all of our crap into the new place - which is sweet. The extra room is now dedicated to music. Can't wait to set this bad boy up ; I'm thinking India theme.


A new life has begun for the Gregster - wow I hope no one ever calls me that in real life. Ever. But with the new year there's more reason than ever to adopt some changes:

1 - New position @ work. (Although it still involves a lot of what I'm doing right now).

2 - New apartment: 2 bedrooms w/ a dedicated music room! I'm a little excited about it

3- Back to school! I can't believe it myself, but I'm looking to get a web design certificate. So I can make this place PIMP

4- New workout plan - I'll be starting to work out. For serious this time.

5- No alcohol on weeknights. This one will be really hard. Unless there's a show of epic proportions.

6- Performance mania: I'm making it a goal to play out 2-3 times a week. That's a part-time job for sure.

In other news - I've been working on some new stuff. I haven't written anything since recording Folklore, so it's nice to feel the need to compose. They always come in 3s. In addition there are a few songs that seemed to have slipped between the cracks that I might be resurrecting for the Gorilla show.

My press kit is nearing completion and I should be able to get some stuff on local radios soon...assuming they like it. Hopefully I can find some more opportunities around Chicago for a solo artist instead of just open mics. As always I'll keep my eyes and ears open. If you see anything, send it my way!


I'm back from break. Everyone needs one, even from music, right? I did play an open mic at Silvie's Lounge on Mon. the 22nd. Open mics aren't all bad - it's just so damn hard finding the good ones! There was no one there, the performers were sub-par, drinks were expensive - all that would've been fine. Typical open mic. Except they told me be there at 8:30. Then the girl pushed my back 4 slots to 11pm. Are you freaking kidding me?! I then proceeded to get about 6hrs of sleep over the next 48hrs as a result of traveling. Thanks. They've got a good sound system at least. They should take some lessons from Tin Lizzie's on Thurs. nights. That's a rockin' open mic for sure.


I'm not an evil person, but I do love humor at the expense of others. Today someone accidentally emailed me wanting their SOC 100 grade.Now the normal person would think to themselves "Obviously this person made a mistake, I'll either delete the email and ignore it OR email them back and inform them of their mistake." I'm not a normal person. Of course I want to make them nervous as hell before they head home for break:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Gregory Zimmerman <>

Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 10:01 AM

Subject: Re: grade


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 9:51 AM, sherry kulathilkarottu wrote:

Hi Zimmerman,

Hope you are enjoying your break. I would like to know my grade for SOC 100, so if you don't mind please let me know it or tell me when you are going to post it.

Thank you,

Sherin Mathew

Here's how I responded:

Hi Sherin-

I haven't been able to finalize grades yet, but it looks like you might have to re-take this class based on your current points. I will let you know the final numbers shortly.

Ohh too funny. I'm interested to see where this goes..



So she wrote back, and I finished up the conversation - pretty hilarious:

Ok there’s been an update. She actually responded to me. And of course I couldn’t keep something like this going….

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 12:47 PM, sherry kulathilkarottu

Professor Zimmerman,

I thought I submitted all my assignments and I got perfect scores for all the materials(includes testes,approval paper, and other writings) that I got back from you. So I was wondering how come I have to retake the class.Please let me know as soon as possible because I am so nervous now.



My response:

Dear Sherin-

Your writings and test scores make up only a portion of your total grade. Class participation is the key to success in this course, and frankly I was less than impressed with your effort. Also I don't appreciate references to the male anatomy in your emails (ie "testes").

Like I stated earlier the grades are not finalized, but if you were holding an eight-ball it would read "outlook is bleak." I'll let you know by this afternoon.

I wrote an apology email right after sending the above email. Apparently she didn't understand that I was joking:

Hi Zimmerman,

I am so sorry about the mistake (testes) that I made in email, I actually meant number of test.I believe you know that I am not really good in English since it is my second-language. Again I am really sorry about it. And can you please let me know that which assignment that you haven't received yet? Or which one went to the wrong email address? Now, I am not sure which one I have to re-send you.



My response:

Hi Sherry-

What I was trying to say in my apology email is that I'm not actually your professor. Somehow you accidentally emailed me and I pretended to be your professor as a joke. It was funny yet horribly cruel, so I apologize again.



Christmas with the fam: I got to meet my baby neice Maria on Friday night. I'm undertaking a big responsibility being her Godfather. But I'm excited! Looks like I've got a few trips in the future - Katie and I are headed to Bellingham for xmas and then we'll be headed to NY for the baptism.

Our family doesn't really get together often, but this past weekend made us all feel like kids again. The soft glow of the fire in the background, jamming on guitars, playing computer games from 1992...good times. Zoran found Dune II and Wolfenstein 3D online - the originals. My brother Mike and I were huge PC gamers back in the day. We'd play for hours on Mortal Kombat, Doom, X-Wing...all the classics. It was awesome to relive some of the glory and just hang with the siblings.

Yesterday Katie and I partied at John and Ashley's place in Uptown. John did the drumming on a few tracks here, and the seperate 'drum room' explains why he's so good at it. We had a great time meeting young professionals from all over the city. In the gift exchange I offered a copy of my CD and 2 tickets for the show. It seemed to go over well and hopefully I'll have 2 new fans.


I dropped of the contract to the Gorrila Tango Theater last night, so we're all set to go for the 24th! I'll be sending out invites shortly.

On a dumber note - I got a ticket yesterday for turning right on a red light. There weren't any signs that I could see posted saying "no turn on right". Gimme a ticket for speeding, sure! There wasn't even anyone around. Ironically I'm the kind of person that actually obeys signs like those. Unlucky. God I hate cops- all those bastards are on a power trip because they were bullied as children, probably because no one liked them. Well guess what - you chose a profession where now everyone hates you.

Doesn't Chicago have one of the highest homocide rates in country? Maybe instead of drinking coffee at a gas station waiting to peg a safe driver you should stop some crime. Turn down the suck and serve and protect. Great job at failing in life.


Gotta love the gov - how fitting is this?


'Folklore Troubadour' reviewed by Ben Cober of Cin Weekly!

Release day - yay! Enjoy. Tell me if anything's wrong or if there's something else you'd like to see on here. Of course stay tuned, the site will be updated DAILY!


Love this comic. Completely irreverent, yet horribly funny.


It's done. It's finally done! Sure all over this infant website it says crazy things like "it's coming soon"... I'm actually still truthful. I'm not releasing it - not even to family or friends - until I have the physical disk in my hands. Of course if you've already been by the music/lyrics section you've probably already heard them. But now I have to deal with the technology of getting my disk replicated. Fun times!


Photo shoot complete! Thanks again to Collin Martin for his awesome shots. This is one cool dude I always enjoy working with. I was convinced that he spent years in photography school given his amazing skills; but like my music it was a passion he decided to pursue AFTER spending 4 years learning something else. I visited his studio on Cermak last night. What a cool space - just a good vibe all around. We didn't really do anything fancy, just a simple stool on a white background. But I think we got some great shots - he tells me they'll be up today perhaps.

Certain Company had a great rehearsal last night. This 1 show a month schedule has been really good for us, and added to the permanent practice space we're back on track to dominate the local music scene - haa, whatever that means. We had 4 practices to bring Billy up to speed on about 20 covers, and I'm happy to report that we played through everything last night. Phew! We're slated to play 3 - 50 min. sets on Dec 6th. Zach came up with the brilliant idea of having both of us do a solo showcase of 3 songs. I'm going to work today on buildling the set lists. Lord knows what else I'll do with my time. Almost Thanksgiving, yay!


New website - wohoo! Definitely a work in progress, but some of the building blocks are up - such as lyrics. As soon as I shoot my lego video this week with my miraculous 4 days off (thank you Jesus) I'll be putting those up as well. I'm thinking I'll choose the song "Taught Me." So far seems to be a crowd favorite.

Mark tells me we're close to completion. Soooo much anticipation on my part I can hardly stand it. I guess the next step will be making some CDs, sending out some kits, and booking some shows. It's been a steep but relatively painless process to do this with Certain Company, but I'm not sure how well I'll fair as a solo artist. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Future plans include an official release show. Look out for this in January sometime. Of course there will be plenty of samples to hand out in the meantime, and I might get anxious and want an earlier date.....but this will all depend.