Guitar Instruction



I picked up the guitar in 8th grade as so many had before me - in rebellion. In my case, it was a revolt against classical music and the violin. Later in life, I learned to blend the two harmoniously. But in the beginning, it was mutiny. After my brother taught me a few chords, it was straight to the internet in search of tabs. I'm therefore completely self-taught on the instrument, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Study of the violin in a classical setting did however teach me one crucial element of how to study the guitar: the importance of practice. I truly believe anyone can learn to play the instrument - but only those who learn how to practice it will progress.


Guitar instruction in my world is much different than learning a classical instrument (including classical guitar). It is heavily dependent upon the student: what they want to be able to play, what their playing level is, what genres they are interested in, etc. My guitar school is not one of chord charts and finger exercise patterns. I teach songs. I teach styles and genres. I show how to fingerpluck and flat pick, and when to use them where. How do I play this song? I'll show you - it's easy! I also teach from theory side as well, so that students understand the why in addition to the how.

Times / Rates

Lessons are offered weekday evenings and flexible times on Saturdays and Sundays. The initial consultation and lesson are free, and additional lessons are $20 per half-hour lesson. I generally require that students schedule regular lessons on a weekly basis, but I am happy to accommodate a flexible schedule. More advanced students may need more than 30 minutes per lesson, and the rate will be adjusted accordingly. Students may cancel or reschedule their lessons free of charge with at least 24 hours notice.